The world today is accustomed to burglary and robberies. What robbers or thieves look for are always valuables from which they can get better returns and which are not bulky. The most popular valuables targeted are jewelry, valuable pictures, mementos, money and guns. Hidden wall safe is an idea which provides secure storage for these valuables.

hidden wall safe

If well designed, hidden wall safe will help one to be calm when in dangerous situation since one knows quite well that the valuables are secure. The robbers or thieves will find it difficult to locate the safe, and might even not know that such a valuable exists in the house.

hidden wall safes

Hidden wall safes are easy to install, and in most cases, will not need the help of a craftsman. By following the designer’s installation manual, and with the help of simple and readily available tools, the installation can be completed without help. This aspect of self installation enhances there security since it’s only you, the owner, who should know where you installed it.

Shopping for a Safe

The greatest challenge in acquiring a safe is dealing with the fear of how safe any of the kinds is. However, this should not be a concern since it is the size, location and installation which are very significant.

For example, i have this wall safe with electronic lock:

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There are various retail outlets within every neighborhood which might be dealing in safes. It is important to compare the available options, especially the prices and sizes, as well as opening and closing mechanisms. The lock type and size should be such that they meet your needs. A safe for keeping money is not the same size as that for keeping pictures, jewelry or mementos.

I also have small safe for credit cards and keys:

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The modern and effective system of locks for safes is one which reads biometric features such as fingerprints and facial variations. These should be the ideal ones to consider, since they will provide additional security, should you have your freedom. The good news is that, safes with biometric locks have become popular such that price can no longer distinguish them from other kinds of locks.

I’m thinking about buying this biometric wall safe:

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The other place where one can do the market research and compare the products is from online stores on the internet. In fact, online media provides a larger pool for getting adequate and detailed information about safes. Further, purchasing safes online only enhance security since you are not presenting yourself to the seller and leaving leads behind.

Locating the Safe

Thieves and burglars have become so experienced that they think just as you do. They tend to know that you will hide your hidden wall safe behind large art works or pictures. The floor has also become their target. Therefore, it is important that you pick very unusual locations to hide your safe. For example, the laundry room or kitchen provides good places to locate your hidden wall safe. The design can be improved by install fake breaker glass to imitate things like electrical panel.

The other safer place for locating the hidden wall safe is behind relatively immovable items in the house such as heavy furniture, musical instruments and work stations. This is effective and convenient if you may not need to access the safe frequently. In the event of burglary or robbery, thieves will find it difficult to move such large furniture, and will consider it worthless, as even you have not been moving the furniture. Another effective place is behind bookcases heavily filled with books since this is not also easy to move. The argument here is if a valuable was there, then you could need to move it frequently.

Hidden wall safes for the home can also be kept in children’s rooms and places specifically meant for children. Obviously, children do not have valuables to hide and so it will only take a pre-informed mind to look into the children’s room for hidden safes.

Installing the Safe

Once the location has been appropriately, selected, the work of installing the hidden wall safe should be done as secretly as possible. Installing using the designer’s installation guide and seal off the area around it to look as uniform to the other wall areas.

You can watch this video about how to install a wall safe which shows the process in details:

Where the safe protrudes out of the wall, the covering art or furniture should be one that is designed with equal amount of depth in space to fit over the safe perfectly.