A night vision monocular is one hand held magnifying object with night vision capabilities and magnifying range of between 2x to 5x. This small magnifying tool comes with many advantages which include its small size, it is very cheap and provides the user will high performance which are comparable to goggle and binoculars.

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The night vision monocular has one objective lens and one eyepiece lens which sums up its major disadvantage. The cheap night vision monocular lets the user only use one eye to observe. If one has to observe over long period of time, he or she will have eye strain. However, the monocular is not meant for longer observing, it should be intermittent.

Night vision monocular working principle

The night vision monocular enables one to view during the night by using a combination of two major techniques. They include sufficient intensity range and sufficient spectral range.

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1. Sufficient spectral range

This technique makes the user to become sensitive to a specific kind of light that can be visible to humans. The human vision is restricted within a small electromagnetic spectrum known as the visible light. The electromagnetic spectrum it then enhanced to allows its user to have the advantage over the ultraviolet radiations or electromagnetic radiations, thus being able to see at night.

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2. Sufficient intensity range

This is the ability for the viewer to see very tiny quantity of lights. Although, our eyes can see small photons of lights under normal conditions, our neurological system is designed to filter and limit the sensitivity of our eyes to few tens of photons. Animals have an adaptive eye that has better retina and larger aperture that can see weak light over wide spectrum range.

In the cheap night vision monocular, a larger spectrum range is achieved through improved technology by use of gain multiplication CCD, image intensifier and high sensitivity array of photo detectors.

Tips on how to choose the best night vision monocular

A night vision monocular comes in handy to those who are fond of camping or scouting. It is used to for safety purposes, wildlife traveling, and surveillance, boating at night, night fishing and search and rescue team. It can also be used for exploration of underground places and caves for those who like adventure.

cheap night vision monoculars with rifle mounts

With many uses and functions, one has to make sure that he or she gets the best night vision monocular. The process of selecting the best monocular should be taken seriously because there are many different types of night vision monocular in the market that are quite confusing. Here are some of the things you need to consider while choosing the best monocular.

1. Features that come with the monocular

Look at the features that come with different monocular in the market. With the constantly advancing technology, there are many exiting features that are added on the monocular that may come in handy during your camping or wildlife travel.

2. Read review about different night vision monocular.

The best way of knowing that the product is genuine or not, is by reading the reviews of someone who has physically used the product. You can always get reviews about different kind of night vision monocular in the internet. Read these reviews before buying it.

3. Magnification factor

A good monocular is one with higher magnification factor. It will enable you not only to see larger objects but also see very far objects. Choose a monocular with high magnification factor for better performance and clear images. The more the magnification factor the better the images.

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4. Illumination

Since the night vision monocular is used in total darkness, they should have sufficient illumination to enable the view to see clearly even in the darkest place. Ensure you check on the illumination capabilities of the monocular before you buy it.

Online marketing has greatly played a key role to the low prices of night vision monocular. There are many different varieties available for customers to choose from.

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This increase competition among the seller and customers gets the benefit of low prices. You don’t need to compromise the quality of your monocular at the expense of its price, ensure you choose the best night vision monocular since they are available relatively low prices.

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