Have you ever thought about rock key hider? Because you always want to keep your belongings protected locking up your house and keeping it safe and secure is important. It used to be that you could hide an extra key under the door mat but nowadays that’s just not an option. Instead you may want to look into a stone safe, also known as a rock key safe. These safes look like a decorative rock feature in your garden but are actually a secure safe in which you can store a spare key.

Amazon.com has a number of these rock key hider models available let’s take a look at few.

The Hide-a-Key Fake Rock – Looks & Feels Like a Real Rock by Industrial tools is an excellent example of a secure way to hide a key outside (read more about this item on Amazon):

stone safes

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One would never be able to tell by looking at the decorative rocks that it’s in fact a fake rocks for keys. You don’t even have to hide this rock somewhere in the garden because it looks so natural. The rock features a hidden tray underneath it that holds a car, house, or any other key of up to 2-3/8″- length and 1″ wide. It is made from molded poly-resin and looks like a real rock not just in looks but in size, shape, color, texture, and weight. It is wind and weather proof and can be placed among wood chips, with shrubs, on the grass, or anywhere else you want. Because it’s incredibly realistic looking there is really no worry about where you choose to place it.

The Lucky Line 90601 Rock Key Hider by Lucky Line is another fabulous option (read all reviews about this product on Amazon.com):

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This inexpensive hidden key rock makes it possible for you to hide a key right in plain sight. It can be used in your garden, next to your garage or house, or any other location outdoors. There is a slot in the bottom of the rock that holds your key. It’s also large enough to accommodate most larger-sized keys. There is a plastic cover that goes over the key to keep it safe and secure. It’s available in gray and brown and is 4″ in length. It’s made from sturdy molded plastic which means it holds up well over time and is able to stand up to all types of weather.

Finally there is the Finejo Real Rock Hide a Key Stone Safe Hidden Outdoor Look Garden by Finejo (click here to visit Amazon.com and read more details about this safe):

rock key safe

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This one looks exactly like a real rock, yet it’s not. It measures 3.5″ x 2″ x 1.5″ and is made from polyresin with a black and grey finish. It has been hollowed out so you can place your key inside it and then hide the rock with all your other garden features. In fact if you place it in a rock bed you won’t be able to tell the difference between it and a real rock. It of course doesn’t have to be placed in a garden, it’s safe to place anywhere outdoors. Although the picture shows that it can hold two keys it’s a bit of a tight squeeze. One key is probably more realistic. It’s got a bit of weight to it so that it even feels just like a real rock should anyone pick it up or kick at it.

You never want to leave your spare key in plain view or in an easy to find spot so these stone safes offer a safe, secure, and attractive way to hide your key while blending it into that natural landscape your exterior offers. As well the models all protect your keys from all types of weather conditions. Hide-a-key fake rock is right solution!