Do you want to take an epic image? Do you always hope for capturing the magic of the moment in a deep photo? Well, you can always get the EPIC POV camera for the purpose. This amazing photography appliance would give you images that are perfect and rich.

Epic POV Camera

The multiple features of the appliance make it highly useful to capture still images and record videos with stunning picture quality. This device is the ultimate photography and videography appliance for so many reasons. The manufacturers definitely pulled off a great job in designing an appliance that is amazing on so many levels.

Usual video resolution

Video resolution is a common aspect of consideration in choosing a suitable appliance. The camera effectively fulfills the purpose by its 720×480 digital video resolution. The camera is able to capture at the rate of 25 frames per second.

This gives you stunning quality digital videos that you can share with your friends and families. Professional videographers also highly recomme3d the appliances from EPIC, and this model is no exception. It also has 2X digital zoom feature in videography. This again makes it very useful for professional purposes from relatively close quarters. Obviously, with a 2X zoom, you cannot really imagine taking long-distance videos! For the near usage, the EPIC POV camera is a great appliance.

Epic POV Camera review

Cool design appeal

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The camera design deserves special mention. It is a cylindrical camera with a flat side. The flat portion holds two buttons for simplified usage. One of the buttons is for recording videos, and the other one is for the still images. Can things be any simpler than that? Anyone who is trying to start a career in photography/video works, can easily get in the groove with this cool designed camera tool. It is very convenient to hold and use because the overall weight is only 3oz. You just hold it comfortably as long as you want and shoot your own short film if you want. The cylindrical shape also gives you the necessary coolness edge over your peers.

pov camera by epic

Simple and light

A quick look at the EPIC POV camera review feedbacks reveal that the product has been earning accolades as the first camera device for many new visual artists. The audio record quality of the camera is also quite good, and you get to capture some amazingly enriching moments with your favorite camera. The high resolution video and the crisp audio capture would impress you. The simplicity of operations also makes this a great tool for adventure enthusiasts. The ultra-lightweight camera would not add to your backpack weight. It 2 oz, it is practically light as a feather. The nifty device also has multiple mounting options. So, you can set it up on a suitable mount and capture a steady video minus the movement of the hands.

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Great still images

The still image feature of the camera is also quire great. The range is 2 MP, so it is a good appliance for startup photographers. The POV camera also offers 1-9 still image action sequences. The operating power is very easily available. You just need to add 2 AAA batteries to get the device running. The machine also has the necessary setup to accommodate a 16 GB SD card.

cool epic pov camera

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That means, you can go clicking for many days without worrying about transferring the hundreds of images and the few video files into your computer. The external LCD interface of the camera displays the necessary information like resolution settings, battery life, and the number of video files in the device.

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The EPIC POV camera review experience has been quite positive for the manufacturer. The camera kit includes strap mounts, the USB cable, and the foam saddles.