Would not it have been amazing if you could see what is going on behind your back? You may say, there are the rear view mirrors for the purpose. However, you do not carry mirrors when you walk or cycle. To solve the confusion, you can get the sunglasses with rear view mirror. This novelty product has a special coating that allows you to wear them and see what is happening at your back. The pair of sunglasses looks like any ordinary glass, but they have this amazing function.  This is a great item for cyclists. However, you may need some initial time to adjust with the experience of 360-degree vision. It can be quite mind-altering in the beginning, but you soon get the hang of it.

cycling rear view mirror sunglasses

Lose your trail

Once you are comfortable with the experience, a whole new world opens up around you. You can literally see everything around, expanding your field of vision. Really, many kudos go to the manufacturer for conceptualizing and developing this amazing product. Walking on the road would never be the same experience anymore.


If you are suspicious that a shady character is following you, get these sunglasses. With these on, you can keep track of the shadiness without him even knowing that you are tracking each and every movement. This offers you the edge and wit to misguide your pursuer.

sunglasses with rear view mirror

When you are passing through a restless territory, reputed for security threats, these sunglasses can be great ways to stay safe during the day. The surveillance sunglasses with rear view mirror would make you confident and give you the opportunity to take the right decisions minus the unknown panic of someone trailing you. Now, that you know for sure that you have a shadow on your shadow, you can cut the unknown and set out a plan to misguide your trail.

surveillance sunglasses with rear view mirror

Highest security arrangements

Not only individuals, but security agencies can also benefit greatly from this little piece of smart innovation. The eyewear significantly improves the efficiency of the security personnel as a single person can have a broad range of view that even covers the back. No one would understand that you also have eyes at the back.


This gives you the mystery, taking it away from the miscreant who wants to slip behind your back. Once the mystery is over, it is only a matter of time to find the truth. Nab the unsuspecting intruder by suddenly turning your back and approaching him straightaway. Of course, you may not need to turn your back even! You have the mobile communication devices. You can just inform the other officers of your suspect, and they would round him up for interrogation. The nifty surveillance sunglasses with rear view mirror make the arrangements of the highest security perfect.

rear view mirror sunglasses review


The cycle lovers would love the cycling rear view mirror sunglasses. It is an amazing experience to cycle around with these on. The scientific design of the glasses ensures that your frontal and back visibilities do not collide. You can pay attention to the complete picture effectively. Once you habituate with the glasses, the experience of cycling would never be the same again.