The truth of the night in the outdoors is exhilarating. It is a trilling world that descends between the tress when the sun goes down. Obscured by darkness, the inhabitants of the forest become mysterious spirits with eyes glowing in the dark. They just become another layer in the darkness.

primos hunting truth cam 35 ultra trail camera

You can also be a part of the multilayered thrill of the woods by the Primos truth cam 35 camera. The truth of the night has a deep magic. Explorers of the woods say that in the night the density of invisibility makes the space a playground of hushed movements. Nature has a strange way of mystery that embraces every wanderer of the woods at night.


If you can feel that pure mystery in your heart, you would find the woods to be absolutely irresistible. You would keep looking for the weekend to come so that you can refresh your courage in the open fields of the forest. In there, the hunter can also become the prey if he is not following the rules. Get the Primos hunting truth cam 35 ultra trail camera to set your rules of truth.

Yes, in forests the judgment can be fast and pure. Even the carelessness of a moment can lead you to grave dangers.


You need to expand your vision to be a part of the night. The truth camera can be an amazing equipment for the purpose. It sets you up for an unforgettable night at the forest.

primos truth cam 35 camera

Truth for the brave

Of course, you can use the appliance during the day also. However, the real brave visit the woods in the night. It makes the playing fields level for hunting and exploring the forest. If your forest has a predator, you have to have the courage to face it in its space. That is the ultimate proof of bravery. Stalking an animal in the day from a safe distance and then lodging a bullet into it just does not make the cut as bravery.

That is just taking advantage. The real hunter respects the predator and challenges the animal in an open battle at the most difficult conditions. Well, you do not have to shoot with a gun always. Only the bravest of the brave have the guts to enter the forest armed only with a camera. It is rare, and that is why courage is so precious. If you have it in you, and death does not scare, grab the Primos truth cam to venture into nature’s own territory.

The manufacturers did make an amazing appliance. It is a wonder appliance for outdoor photographers. The infrared night camera gets its light to click the images through an arrangement of LEDs over the lens. You can actually choose the number of LEDs to decide the precise amount of light you need for shooting. You can capture both still and video images of the amazing wildlife at night. The Primos truth cam 35 trail camera is a highly efficient digital device with several great features. The final image would have a moon phase information stamp on it along with temperature data. This is just great!

primos truth cam 35 trail camera

Maintaining precise memories

It gives a whole new dimension to the photo, making it alive with the precise memory of that moment in night. Of course, the usual data and time stamps would be there also. The number on the camera refers to the LED bulbs. There are a total 35 of them. With full usage of the 35 LED units, you can cover a night range of 40 feet with the camera. The LED lights are soft and not intrusive to the inhabitants of the forest. There is no point in alerting the animals when you want to click them. The soft LED lights provide the best solutions. Also, animals would stay away of the soft light source because they find it unnatural. That gives you protection.

primos truth cam 35 camera review


The camera is highly efficient in many ways. It can attain a trigger speed of 1.5 seconds out of the sleep mode. When it is active, you can set it to take images every 0.3 seconds. You can also set up multi shot bursts. These bursts are great for clicking spontaneous pictures that capture all the action. You also have options of the number of images in each burst. You can set it for a single image burst even.


Other options are 3, 5, 7, or 9 images. It is also very convenient to use the camera because of the backlit LED screen to read the menu. In addition, it has a natural concealing design to set it in the woods without alerting the animals. You can fit in a 8 GB SD card in the device also. The Primos truth cam 35 camera review feedbacks from experienced outdoorsmen prove its awesomeness.