Often, you may need to leave the key outside for others to get. However, the usual hiding space beneath the doormat does not suffice anymore. Everyone knows about it you see! Probably, the thieves also keep the keys of their houses at the same place! You need to find an effective camouflaging solution for the purpose. There is no need to devise creative camouflages of your own when you can easily buy the sprinkler head key safe.

sprinkler head hide-a-key review

This is a simple security measure going a long way in protecting the privacy of your home. Just make sure that no one in the house shares this family secret with anyone from outside. That effectively resolves the issue of privacy. The security product is perfect in its obviousness. The greatest camouflage is in finding solutions that hide in everyday life, are obvious, but outside the scope of intruders.

sprinkler head hide-a-key

Modified actual sprinkler head

The manufacturers essentially modify a real sprinkler head to act as the safe. The secret safe has sufficient space to keep the keys and even important documents. Of course, you cannot keep a bunch of paperwork in it. However, you can always keep a pen-drive with digital copies of the paperwork. Pen-drives nowadays can hold entire libraries of digital documents, so there are no worries of limiting your space in the sprinkler head.

Sometimes, you may even consider keeping spare money changes in the sprinkler safe. If you have a use for it, the safe would be helpful in maintaining your family secret. The sprinkler head hide-a-key is extremely easy to use. It is just a matter of unscrewing the head, placing the items, and screwing it back. Be careful though when making these arrangements. If someone watches you and gets to your secret, the safety of the home comes at threat. When you are careful, there is nothing to worry.

Waterproof security arrangement

Although it is a sprinkler head device, yet the manufacturers made it waterproof. This is highly useful when you are concealing documents or digital devices like the pen-drive. There is no threat of water damage anytime. Just screw the safe tightly to be sure. The sprinkler head hide-a-key is an innovative product that kind of transforms the entire idea of hiding the key beneath the flower pot, on the ledge, or beneath the doormat.

sprinkler head key safe

Consider the fact that thieves actually have sufficient experience in knowing all the probable spots for hiding the key.  You need to make special arrangements to fool them. However, tell all members of the home to be very careful while opening or closing the safe. If you are going out in the lawn with a flashlight every night, it would arouse suspicion. So, just try to not use the flashlight when reaching out to the sprinkler safe. Once you know where the thing is, you would not require a light even. Sometimes, the ambient light coming from the streetlamps is sufficient to find your way to the safe.

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New age home security

The sprinkler head key safe is a highly innovative product for new age home security.  It keeps your mind at rest with the understanding that you are taking the extra step necessary to ensure the sanctity of your privacy. Having multiple keys can be an unsafe proposition. Anyone can lose the key, and if it falls in the wrong hand, you are at risk. The best solution is to have only one key used by all members of your home.

sprinkler head hidden safe

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The practical disadvantage in this approach was to find the right place to conceal the thing. The camouflaged sprinkler safe effectively solves the issue. This would be your little family secret, offering convenience of movement to all members. You can go anywhere without worrying about the security of your house.