The world of children is one of imagination and surprises. Kids live in a magical world of their own. This world is as real to them as the reality of everyday life. Jake is the hero of many little ones. They often become Jake of their own in exploring the mysterious adventures of Neverland. Their dreams depend on the quest to fight and defeat the villainous captain Hook. Armed with his wooden sword from Peter Pan, Jake is the formidable warrior who scares Hook out his wits.

Jake's Talking Spyglass

Get your little one the Jake’s Talking Spyglass to find Hook. Putting the retractable spyglass immediately transforms the reality of the moment into a space where imagination becomes real. The transformation is complete and exciting for your young pirate because he can actually see Hook and here what he is saying. In fact, the tiny pirate would be able to control what Hook is doing or saying by the press of a switch.

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The components of magic

The set comes complete with a pirate bandana and a map to Neverland. See your kid’s face light up in joy as he receives this special gift. If you are looking forward to get the best gift for your grandson, this can be an awesome idea. For grandparents, seeing the grandson/daughter is a special experience as you remember those first joys of carrying your child as a toddler. Your grandson brings in the memories of a lost time back in his most amazing presence. The Talking Spyglass would make you an immediate favorite with the tiny pirate.

talking spyglass

If you have the enthusiasm, you can actually join in the pirate adventures as a wise counselor to Jake and his fellow pirates. This can be a chance to teach important lessons of life to the young one by means of playing. The telescope would teach the kid to not be afraid of captain Hook and defeat him in exciting adventures around the house. In their imagination, the bed or the sofa becomes the pirate ship and the house a space for amazing adventure. Watch them run around the house with the joy of being in an exciting adventure.

Now Hook cannot escape

The kids love to see themselves in the mirror with the red bandana. It is just so cute to see the bandana on the little warrior. You can feel your child’s happiness as he travels to his dream realities in fun imagination. See your kid talking with the pirate captain and threatening him around the house. The Jake’s Talking Spyglass has a convenient button arrangement that the kid has to press to see Hook appear at the end of the telescope and speak his pirate lines. Your little one finally gets to warn Hook to refrain from his naughty activities and lose away from Neverland. The map of Neverland is always there for your child to get into the adventure mode. It is quite amazing how such simple things make kids so happy!

talking spyglass review

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However, some parents complain that the map is on a thin piece of paper. Children always have the free rein to tear papers. So, you actually need to ensure the longevity of the map by applying the duct tapes on its sides to laminate it. The map is quite an authentic representation of Neverland, which only existed before in imagination.

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Now, with the Talking Spyglass, the red bandana and the map, their imagination comes to reality. The bandana has Velcro fittings, so it is quite easy to slip it on the head and not worry about losing it. It is also very soft and comfortable to wear, so your child would not feel any discomfort.