Stated as a remarkable product of the lot, this radio clock is perfectly mingled with spy camera, to make it a center of attraction for room and also official environment, especially when keeping an eye of any suspicious movement or person. Apart from these points, the radio clock can also work wonder as the best object, which can record several videos, photos and even some audio in color. Moreover, as this product is manufactured using night vision technicality, therefore; the product can easily capture photos and videos during night time. The weight of the unit is just 5 3/8 ounces, making the product a favorable option for all, with portable nature.

Jumbl Mini Hidden Spy Camera Radio Clock

A tiny device with special features

This hidden alarm clock camera is only 3 inches wide and also 15/156 inches deep. You will come across different designs and shapes, related with Jumbl Mini Hidden Spy Camera Radio Clock, which can act well as the spy device of your choice. Whenever you are going to place the product on the desk, it will start its unobtrusive record on an immediate basis, and it will record each and every moment, which is taking place, at this moment. In case you want to catch a thief in our working place or want to capture evidence of someone harassing you, then this camera can prove to be the best possible option, on the cards.

Jumbl Spy Camera Radio Clock

Focused towards residential usages

Other than for official purposes, you can try and focus towards the residential uses, when the main area of concern is related with radio clock with spy camera, fitted inside it. In case you want to keep an eye on the babysitter or want to see if your children are studying on not, these products prove to be a tiny yet powerful device, for your daily use. As the product is very small, therefore; this is very light in weight and also portable, in nature. The video will record every detail just like in a color video. On the other hand, you can easily capture and ten transfer the video from the radio clock to the micro SD slot, as a separate storing drive for your evidence. Thus, even if by any chance, your radio clock faces any working problem, you can easily take a backup on the Micro SD card, for your later or future use.

Watch this video about Jumbl Spy Camera Radio Clock:

Checking out the hidden menu

The unit comprises of a hidden menu, which comprises of hidden menu. This will help in setting up the spy portion, associated with the major functionalities and it also comprises of a set of hidden filing services or systems. This system is going to help in hiding out the recorded videos, along with audio and photo services. Thus, no one apart from you can find any form of information from Jumbl Spy Camera Radio Clock, unless you have unlocked the service, for them. Thus, your secret access associated with the system will remain intact and only for your use. You can be rest assured on the safety measures followed by this technically advanced product.

Jumbl Mini Hidden Camera Clock

Products inside the package

After learning about the product, you might be interested in buying the product, as fast as possible. However, you are asked to check the present value of the company and compare the prices of these products, before jumping for a final say. The most important part is that you can get some other additional features, related with this package, to make the set complete. Some of the products available here are beautiful clock with the camera built inside along with the 24 inches cable, for long charging services. This product also comprises of a replaceable and also rechargeable Lithium battery, which comes with 3.7 volts along with DC output, with certain 1000 mAh battery services.

Some other accessories related under the same packet

Apart from the accessories mentioned above, there are some other accessories, related with Jumbl Mini Hidden Camera Clock. This product comprises of an AC wall charger, which solely operates on the 110 to 240 VAC along with specialized zone of 50/60 HZ. This is related with the 5 VDC area associated with 1 AMP. There is an inch long earphone associated with 39 inches services. Those are associated with 25-inch auxiliary cable, which is mostly used in order to listen to any stereo music associated with the phone or the specialized MP3 player. These are some of the best accessories, for your use and all these are available, under the same package.

A simple radio clock with special features

This product from Jumbl might seem to be a plain and simple radio clock, but the features will surely make you awestruck for primary uses.

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As mentioned earlier, it can work well on the favorable rechargeable battery or it can be associated with a wall; outlet, for any form of uninterrupted operational life. The micro SD storage value can last up to 32GB, making it a favorable option for all.