When it comes to infrared night vision goggles you don’t want to settle for just any pair, this is one area where spending a little extra can make a huge difference in quality. Not only will features differ between this type of equipment but so will the ease of use, the distance at which you can see, and of course just how sharp the images look in the dark. Let’s take a look as some great options available to consumers through Amazon.com.

The Yukon – NV 1×24 Goggles by Yukon are a wonderful option when it comes to head-mounted infrared night vision goggles:

infrared night vision goggles

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The feature list is huge on these and just to give you that peace of mind they come with a limited lifetime manufacturer’s warranty – showing you that the company stands behind its product. They are a tracker binocular that offers hands-free goggle head gear. You’ll also be provided with a neck strap and a carrying case to keep them safe. They are rubber armor protection, fog and water resistant, and offer a powerful built-in PULSE IR. They have been constructed with a ergonomic design so that they are both comfortable to hold and stylish looking. Additional features include high resolution intensifiers, multicoated optics, and weigh in at 13.4 ounces. It’s important to mention that the illuminator actually works to expand your viewing range while at the same time minimizes your battery drainage. You can even use these binoculars in the daytime.

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Armasight OPMOD GEN1M Limited Edition Gen 1 Night Vision Monocular/Goggle w/Head Mount by Armasight is an excellent option if you’re not looking to break the bank on head-mounted infrared night vision:

armasight opmod goggles


Complete with high resolution Gen. 1+ image intensifier tube, a build in flood infrared illuminator, the ability to be used with long range IR illuminator, and a special design so that it can be used with either your right or left eye giving it total versatility. You’ll be pleasantly surprised with how comfortable, lightweight, and compact this unit is. It can be used in hands-free mode and has an adjustable flip up headgear for added comfort. So exactly who is this model made for? Well it’s ideal for any NVG entry level paintball/air soft fan, outdoorsman, and even security personnel. It doesn’t matter how dark it is you’ll be able to see sharp and bright images.

The Yukon NVMT 1×24 Head Mount Kit by Yukon Night Vision Gear offers you another high quality option in terms of infrared night vision:

yukon infrared night vision

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Again you can make use of hands-free operation, an integrated IR illuminator complete with focusing beam, an integrated on/off and IR activation LED indicator, weather resistant construction, limited lifetime warranty, a lens cap that is secured to the monocular body, and two built-in 1/4 inch tripod sockets. Your field of view with this model is 30 degrees and your focus range is one yard to infinity. You’ve got magnification of 1x and resolution of 32 to 36 lp/mm. And the feature list just keeps going! The model uses no magnification for a reason, and that’s so that the user can see a crisp and clear image without having to worry about distortion or change in depth perception. This can be especially important when judging the distance. The front head strap allows you to flip the unit up or down and is able to be used with your right or left eye. You can even detach the mechanism so that you can use the monocular off the mount for hand-held use instead. This gives you complete versatility and flexibility with the unit.