With the advancement of modern technology, there are favorable spy related products and services, available under different price values. It comes within a watch, a pen or even an alarm clock. You just fix it anywhere and at any point of time, and get all the valuable information, available right in front of your hand. Through the clock camera product, you will come across AV recording values, falling under real time services along with snapshot functions.

Moreover, you can also try and opt for remote controlling services with this clock, which will help you to keep a track on the clock, no matter wherever you are.

More about this product

The Hidden Camera Mini DVR is associated with the best ever video resolution of 640 x 480 along with the support services of 32GB TF card, under the maximum notion. The operating life of the battery is for 12 long hours and the battery life can be extended with proper care under expert guidance.

hidden camera mini dvr

toughsty alarm speaking motion detecting clock camera


Some of the other features, related with this clock are motion detection and also proper functions just like a normal digital clock. Thus, the novice players will not be able to detect the services associated with this mini DVR, as this is manufactured using expert skill set.

Focusing towards certain key features

Whenever the main area of concern relates with Toughsty Alarm Speaking Motion Detecting Clock Camera, you will come across certain eminent key features, which you need to be aware. The field of 2MP CMOS sensor works best for the pick up image values along with a lens angle, revolving around 72 degree. When the main concern is related with audio and video recording services, you will come in touch with real time values and working functionalities. This alarm clock also comprises of remote controlling areas along with motion detection. Thus, the camera will move its neck with the presence of the people, automatically.

toughsty clock camera

Other top notch qualities available

Apart from the points mentioned above, there are certain other eminent options, related with Toughsty Clock Camera. For continuous video record services, the product is going to last for a long period of 12 hours. On the other hand, for the zone of audio recording arena, this clock will last the function for nearly 25 hours, non-stop. The product is also going to support special 32GB card, under TF notion along with full digital functionality, like a normal alarm clock. The function of webcam associated with this element is too good to avoid and will work hand in hand with the audio and video recording services.

toughsty motion detecting clock camera

Last but not the least

Other than these points, it is advisable to mention that the 2200 mAh battery is made with Li-ion services along with rechargeable option, which is built-in inside the Toughsty Motion Detecting Clock Camera, of your size. Some of the operating systems, under the PC notion are XP, Win 2000, Win 7 and Win Vista 32. It is going to consume a memory of 1GBon the record of per 40 minutes and the entire product weighs something around 164g. The weight of the entire package is somewhat around 365g and the size of the package is 150 x 90 x 100mm.

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Following the special parameters

It is always advisable to gain fruitful information about the parameters, associated with Toughsty Hidden Camera. With the help of CMOS sensor or 2MP, you can pick up the video instantly. The video format will be in AVI segment along with a resolution of 640 x 480. If the alarm clock is working on an instant basis, then the battery will last for maximum 12 hours, after working continuously. The product needs to be stored at room temperature.