The Night Owl optics 5 power noxm50 night vision monocular is a nifty appliance for outdoor enthusiasts of the nocturnal. Nature takes a different purview in the blanket of night. The psychedelic green tinted perspective of the infrared would take you to a different dimension altogether. As soon as you hold the device in front of your eyes, suddenly the invisible becomes visible. Many users describe the first experience of using a night vision device as ‘hallucinatory’.

night owl optics night vision monocular

As your eyes and mind tune of the new perspective, you begin to see things that are otherwise invisible in the dark. The monocular becomes your engrossing vision to look around and experience the mystery of darkness. The host of features on the device makes it an incredibly useful appliance for night security purposes. Several security services provide their officials with this efficient device to look after the intruders of the dark.

High quality optical surveillance

The high quality all glass optics apparatus of the Night Owl monocular ensure 500X light amplification. You would see clearly even in pitch-black darkness with the device. The objective and ocular lenses system make it highly efficient.


You can adjust the focus by a single ring adjustment. The device has the necessary features for single-hand operation. It is lightweight and extremely convenient. The best use of the monocular is for stationary nocturnal surveillance and not in active action duties.

night owl optics 5 power noxm50 night vision monocular

It is difficult to run and follow the trespasser into the secured territory with the monocular in one hand. Still, it is very useful in locating any intruder from your duty post. The miscreant of the dark would not know that you are watching his every movement. This gives you the advantage of the night owl, a bird of prey. After pinpointing the position of the target, you can approach discreetly and make your arrest. The Night Owl optics night vision monocular is a highly handy appliance to keep a close nocturnal watch in the perimeter you are guarding. You are a crucial node of the highest security protocol at the facility, as the Night Owl monocular offers you the supersensory advantage of night vision.

night owl optics 5-power noxm50 night vision monocular review

The surveillance protocol should be always active because conflict never sleeps. In fact, nocturnal surveillance is even more challenging than the day because of the natural impediment of dark vision obstruction.

Night Owl Optics 5-Power NOXM50

The night vision monocular is an effective solution to the natural disadvantage. It offers a 15 degrees angular field of view. The ratio of field of view outreach is 200 ft: 39 ft. The monocular weighs only 16 oz and it has inbuilt infrared features. The appliance requires a power supply of a single 3 volt Lithium battery. The monocular functions in a minimum focus range of 5.7 ft.  These superior features make it an extremely handy instrument for night security purposes. Several security services prefer the device as a cost effective solution in maintaining the highest sanctity at the guarded premises.

night owl optics monocular

Thrilling outdoor use


This is also a highly preferable appliance for outdoor enthusiasts who love to explore the beauty of nature in night. Especially, people who love the woods find the monocular as highly useful to be an observer of nightlife in the forests.

night vision view

Users confirm that it is an enthralling experience to be a part of the night in full visibility.  Forests become more mysterious in night than the day. The predators of nature come out of their lairs as per their agreement with the night. It is an intense experience to watch the jungle from your watch post in the forest. Users confirm that the deep beauty of nature comes alive in the most thrilling feelings at a night in the forest. The monocular would facilitate your transition from the world of invisibility to that of a silent visibility.

night owl monocular unboxing


The Night Owl optics 5-power noxm50 night vision monocular review feedbacks are in all praise of this amazing device. The L x W x H dimensions of the device are 7.45 x 2.5 x 4.25 inches. It has a resolution of 35 lp/mm at the center. The thermoplastic lens housing is impact resistant, nevertheless you need to be careful into not dropping the appliance. The high quality generation image intensifier tube offers exceptionally clear visibility. As soon as you adjust to the green tinted world of infrared vision, the monocular becomes the ideal apparatus for you.