Available from some of the top notch and reliable online stores, the Mini Digital Night Vision monocular is a specialized product, falling under the night vision option. The OPMOD team of professionals has joined hands with the Carson batch, in order to create a night device, which is known for creating super vision, during time of needs. This product solely runs on 3 AAA batteries and these might be available or might not be available, under the stock. Therefore, it is always better to reserve your products beforehand, to avoid the last minute rush.

opmod dnv 1.0 night vision monocular


This product also comprises of a mini NVD, which can help in the sifting motion of 4 IR settings, under the intensity level with the main aim to find the perfect scenario of the present situation.

Picking up your own choice

You have the liberty to choose your own version of OPMOD DNV 1.0 Mini Digital Night Vision Pocket Monocular, which is available under 3 types and those are 100%, 30% and 60%. You can even have the product turned off, if not in use.

opmod dnv 1.0 mini digital night vision pocket monocular


Thus, now it can be well defined by stating that checking out in the dark is not at all a problem, for you to face. However, always make it a point to remember that turning off the product and again turning it on at a frequent basis might prove to be a complex situation like holding out a power button, for a period of 3 minutes. As there are two focusing knobs associated with the product, therefore; you can easily set your target, with ease.

Other options on the cards

After you have finished using the product of your choice, you can easily turn off the device and keep it in a safe and secured manner. For that, the manufacturing units are offering special pouches, solely designed for the products and with thoughtful services, on the cards. The pouch forms a major part of the device and comes along with a positive logo, with the main aim to show off some splendid taste, along with a fixed belt loop. Thus, you can now keep the product just beside your use and without it coming in your way. As the product only weighs something around 58 grams without the batteries, therefore; you do not have to worry about the weight of the item.

opmod mini night vision pocket monocular

A light product for your use

This product is especially known for its light weight and along with the compact design. Fully organized with the OPMID logo on the product and also on the pouch, this is a perfect helping hand for those, who are ready to check out for any after dark mission. You can even try out the stakeout kit, related with this molecular kit, to work in your favor. The Dioptric compensation is going to measure up to -4.0 +2.0D along with a focal length of 13.5. The aperture might be within the range of F1.6 and the field view is within 19 degree. These are some of the unique features related with OPMOD DNV 1.0 Night Vision Monocular, and you need to compare the prices of different stores, before jumping for a final say.

Following the eminent features

There are certain major features, related with night vision molecular, which you will come across, after coming in terms with the professional kits. The first and foremost trademark is the OPMOD logo, which will be engraved not only on the product but on the pouch, where it is to be kept. This product also comprises of a dial related with eyepiece focus along with an on and off power button. Within the compact size of OPMOD Mini Night Vision Pocket Monocular, you are likely to come across the on and off button of infrared technology.

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Checking out the positive rates

For increasing the safety measure, the product is attached with a strap and with focusing dial with objective lens. You might have to use 3 AAA batteries, as mentioned above and this is related with the belt loop and OPMOD logo, on the pouch. Some efficient companies are even offering 1 year warranty services in case you plan to buy product from them. If you want, you can start your independence research about the product, to know more about its features and the prices, offered by different companies.