As defined from the name itself, this ultra vision goggle is a class in itself, with certain special features, that you make you awestruck. An award winning product from the Spy net original solution, this product is robust in design along with a rustic style, which will provide an adventurous feel, once you touch it.

spy net eye clops ultra vision goggles

You will also come in touch with the best technical features, related with this product, so that it can check up to 50 inches, even in peach or complete darkness. Apart from the points mentioned above the night vision, there are special features, which fall under the enhanced daytime services.

Other options on the cards

Whenever the main area of concern is related with Spy Net Eye Clops Ultra Vision Goggles, you are likely to come across enhanced area with the daytime vision zone. It is a new technology, which is flourishing in the market for first time. Here, the user have the liberty to switch from the night vision mode to the favorable option of daytime surveillance, which will help you to continue your sky related services, in daytime and even in night time, with ease. You might also fall in love with the record mode of the goggle, as you can now easily capture both photo and video evidence, and it can work in different types of vision modes.

spy net eye clops goggles

Various types of filters available

There are different types of filters available under the forum of goggles with this night vision and those are vision filter, ghostly filter and also thermal filter. These are going to mimic the heat vision, as associated with the video games and also action moves, for your use. In order to operate the product, the user needs to take help of 4 AA batteries, which might not be included with the product, for your use? These goggles are for those little ones, who have crossed the 8 years mark.

Checking out some specific details

There are certain significant details related with Spy Net Eye Clops Goggles and you need to be aware of the special ones, which matches your style and budget plans, as well. The dimension of the product is somewhat within the range of 11 x 3 x 12 inches and it weights something around 1.5 pounds.

spy net eye clops goggles review

With the help of this night vision goggle, you can easily keep a tight and close watch on anyone suspicious and with special night vision formula. Even though this is a kid friendly toy, but the importance of this product can be felt by elders, as well.

Keeping a tab of your surrounding

Now, keeping a close watch of your surrounding is a simple task with the help of this goggle device. With its special photo and video recording evidence, you can easily find out the suspected criminal, who might be interfering in your lives. You need to be at least 8 years of age in order to handle the toy well. There are 5 special high technical modes, under the vision category, which you can try and focus at, while dealing with this spy goggle. This can also be defined as the perfect gift for the adventure lovers and kids, with special detective antennas.

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Enjoying the vision more

From record mode to ghost recon, there are mostly 5 types of visions, associated with Spy Net Eye Clops Goggles review. For the night vision, which is a common example, you can see and find out the movements, which are taking place in your house, during the night time. You can see easily up to 50 feet in complete darkness without facing a single problem and this is solely possible with the winning technical advancement, related with the goggle. There are some other modes for you to enjoy.

eye clops ultra vision goggles

Latest addition to the product

Even though the night vision is a basis mode of this toy, there are certain additional advantages associated with it, which will increase the value of this night goggle. The Eye Clops Ultra Vision Goggles comprise of thermal technical mode, which can mimic the special reference of heat vision, as a major part of the action flicks and even video games. You can even opt for the record mode, enhanced daytime mode and also ghost recon, which will add more value to the gaming console.