Are you looking for alarm clock camera? The TOP Secret Spy Camera Mini Clock Radio Hidden DVR-Continuous power or battery is a great way to capture infrared night-vision that can be set to work automatically. If you’re looking for a hidden clock camera this is a great option to consider:

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Top Features of this alarm clock camera include:

– It offers incredible quality video even in low light situations without IR, it can actually be used in complete darkness

– Automatic infrared night-vision that allows you to expand to a 32GB Micro SD card

– View videos on the two inch screen, which means you don’t even have download to a computer

– Continuous loop recording that works with the battery or while plugged in

– This hidden clock radio camera is made from aluminum alloy construction

– This hidden clock camera weighs just 14.1 ounces

– Measures 3″ x 2″ x 2″

hidden clock camera


This alarm clock camera is able to effectively and easily capture all kinds of video. What’s great is that it can work in complete darkness and it’s invisible while working so that whoever is in the room will be completely unaware they are being recorded. Each recording offers an automatic time date stamp so there is no confusion of when footage was shot. It can capture video at a range of up to six to nine feet in complete darkness. As mentioned there is no need to download the video to your computer, instead you can watch it on the LCD video screen.



Not only can you capture video it also works as a fully functioning MP3/MP4, FM radio and clock. That’s right it’s got plenty of uses and functions. So much so that no-one would ever believe it was a clock camera. You won’t be able to find outside words or indicators that this unit is in fact a hidden clock camera so your secret is always safe. What’s great is that specific buttons need to be pressed in order to access the secretive parts. This also helps to protect the true purpose of this unit.



When being used on battery power the unit will work for approximately three to eight hours. Don’t forget it has speakers on it to also pick up sound for your video. When it comes to video time you’ll be able to record 32Gs which is 32 days of loop recording. Included in the box are your user’s manual, a video demo, battery, mini-DVR, battery charger, audio cable, earphones, and a USB power cable (measuring 18″ long).

It offers plenty of uses from setting it up in your baby’s room, to watching how a nanny interacts with your kids, and even the comings and goings in your house when you’re not at home. There are so many ways and places you could use this device without ever being figured out. For such a tiny little device it has a multitude of uses and purposes.

Customers seem to be very impressed with the video and sound quality as well as how easy it is to use and operate the device. Customers also appreciated the small and compact size of this unit, it fits in the palm of your hand.




If you’re planning on using this alarm clock camera for long periods of time you’ll want to have it positioned somewhere that it can be plugged in. The battery will run out quickly otherwise and you’ll find you’ll need to charge it on a daily basis. You may also be missing critical footage since the battery won’t last all day.




If you’re looking for a indiscreet way to capture video with sound that you can rely on to be high quality then this clock camera is a great option for you.

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